Hair cloning 2018

Hair cloning - future or present? Hair cloning is a fantasy that may soon become a reality. Balding men the world over would jump for joy if this process were successfully mastered. It would mean no more hair transplants, and no more rubbing chemicals (like Rogaine, Minoxodil)  on your head to try to keep your hair from falling out. Basically it would mean an endless supply of donor hair that could be implanted in your balding areas as part of the hair loss cure.

Unfortunately the idea of hair cloning is not quite a reality just yet in 2016. There are some major obstacles that scientists must overcome before you will be able to clone your hairs. For instance, there is no way to guarantee that cloned hairs will grow to look exactly like your other hair. It is possible that these hairs could be of a different color and thickness than other hairs. Scientists are obviously working hard to overcome such obstacles, as major financial rewards are waiting for whoever cracks the code.

The ideas behind cloning are very complex, and therefore it may take some time for researchers to fully understand how to properly duplicate a human hair follicle. The basic hair multiplication process will entail harvesting cells from active follicles and then finding a way to promote the growth of new hair via these cells. If the cells can be transplanted effectively, and grow new hairs, then the cloning will be successful.

Another method that shows some promise is plucking existing hairs and implanting them into the balding areas. If enough stem cells are carried with the plucked hair to the implant site, then it is possible that a new follicle can be created. If this method could be perfected it would be great news for balding men because it would mean an endless supply of donor hair. Once the hair is plucked, the only thing the patient would have to do is to wait for it to grow back.

Another setback that is bound to hold up the progress of hair cloning is the fact that it will need to gain FDA approval before becoming available to the public. This means that even after the scientists are able to figure out all the necessary steps to clone your hair, it will probably take another few years before you can go out and have it done. This will undoubtedly be very frustrating for balding patients who are waiting patiently to have their baldness cure problem fixed.

Ever since men have been losing their hair, they have dreamed of a medical technique that would give them back their youthful main. The answer is now within reach, but not likely to be available for another decade or so. Until then we will have to rely on more traditional techniques such as follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. With that said, it is good to know that there is a possibility that hair restoration will be revolutionized at some point in the near future. It will be a great day for all balding males when the code is cracked on hair cloning.

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