Hair transplant cost UK vs Hungary

Cost of hair loss surgery abroadHow much does hair transplant cost? – you may ask. That is not a simple question to answer because every doctor charges a different rate. In addition to that, you will receive many different levels of quality depending on where you have the surgery done. We will break it down a little bit for you, so that you can get an idea of the costs involved in a procedure.

The first factor to consider is that you will likely pay the highest rate per single hair in the UK, Ireland, Sweden or Schwitzerland. Cost of living is higher in these countires, and therefore the doctors charge more for hair restoration. If you are willing to have your hair transplant done abroad – e.g. Hungary, you may pay a significantly lower rate. With that being said, you have to make sure to do your research and find a good doctor that will work for less money.

Another factor is the size of your procedure. Typically a doctor will charge on a per graft basis, but if you are having a large surgery done, then they will sometimes discount the price per graft. For example, a one thousand graft surgery may cost eight dollars per graft, but if you move up to a two thousand graft procedure, they may lower the cost per graft down to six or seven dollars. It is kind of like a volume discount when you buy from a wholesaler.

Quality is not always related to the cost, but in most cases it plays an important role. Trained and experienced hair surgery specialists will perform lasting hair replacement work which is painless, more-or-less scar-free and they use the latest technology (like the micromotor with FUE safe system) to carry out the surgery. Manpower, staff is also of key importance that assist during the operation as well as organising your whole hair transplant trip to Hungary.

Hair transplant cost per graft or per hairbreadth?

Current costs and prices are at around £0.8 / single hair or average costs start at £1390 or €2000 for 2000 hair pieces – a substantial advantage over UK or Ireland prices. Real value for money – quality is of high standard and guarantee period is for 80% of the hair implanted for 18 months.

Beware of those offers that state the price for graft! The hair clinic transplants single hair and the costs are associated with the single hair they work with. The problem with hair graft pricing is that the number of single hair in a graft is unique – you never know how many hair pieces grows out of your hair graft. It can be 1 or 2 or rarely 3 per graft. Calculations made by hair graft can be misleading and all patients should know that hair clinics work with single hair pricing – as they implant single hair and not grafts during the hair restoration process.

As you can see there are several factors to consider in the cost of a hair transplant. Your best bet is to do some serious research into the matter, and contact several doctors. This is the only good way to answer the question of how much does hair transplant cost? To get a free evaluation and assessment of your hair please apply via our consultation form and get advice from our surgeon near your area.

Hair implant abroad: is it worth the money and trouble?

Hair loss is one major problem among men. It may be because of aging, genetics or stress. Whatever the reason may be it is something that men prevent from going bald. Luckily, there are solutions to this problem and one of them is hair implants. Also known as hair transplant, hair loss surgery will bring back your youthful glow and will let you take the full head of hair you used to have. This procedure started in the 1950s and they termed it hair plugs – it was the first type of hair surgery.

Make your hair grow: FUE hair transplant for natural look

It is where the doctor removes hair follicles from the head and plant or inserts them into the bald spot. Then the hair follicle will re-establish itself when placed in the scalp because it was removed intact. It will then start to grow hair material again. It won’t take long before the follicle reattach itself to the blood supply and start getting nutrients. After a few months, you can have good hair growth just like when you were young.

The latest in hair restoration: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) offers great opportunities for men. You not only get back your old look but you may get a new hairline design and finally you regain your self confidence and improve your self-esteem. What is more: this happens naturally with FUE-2 SafeSystem – a hair transplant method that delivers natural look. This hairloss surgery is painless, scar-free and non-invasive intervention.

FUE hair transplant price in Budapest, Hungary

You may wonder how much hair restoration using FUE method will cost you. Not as expensive as it used to be. It is now more than affordable – especially if you are willing to travel abroad to save money. A hair travel to Budapest, Hungary may make your dreams come true. Hair clinics are well equipped, staff is very well-trained (only doctors are allwed to do the surgery) and prices are much lower than in the UK or Ireland. You can save as much as 60-70% in a Budapest Hair Clinic.




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