Biotin for hair growth

biotin for hair lossSeveral factors can lead to hair loss not, least a deficiency of the much needed biotin for hair growth. Both sexes can be affected by this condition, which can be caused by genetic traits as well as vitamin deficiency. Styling hair to disguise thinning, and purchasing expensive weaves and hair pieces does not offer a credible long term solution. Often feeling distressed, a sufferer can begin to lose confidence, feel unattractive and their self image is adversely affected. Promotinggrowth naturally is possible. The following paragraphs aim to explore the use of biotin for hair growth.

Men typically, tend to start losing hair around the time they are thirty and forty. Unfortunately, this can also happen during the late teens. Women, on the other hand, tend to lose some hair around the forty to fifty mark but as with men, this can happen sooner.

Hormonal imbalance, deficiency of certain vitamins, a change in hormonal levels and genetics, can all be ultimately responsible for loss of hair. Biotin, that is essential for hair growth, as well as other vitamins, can be much decreased after giving birth or during the menopause.

Vitamin B7 and H vitamin are terms sometimes used to describe biotin. It is very important that an individual receives biotin for hair growth, as well as the other bodily functions that it performs. B7 is also vital in ensuring cell re-growth, sending carbon dioxide around the body and converting foodstuffs into energy. Also known for converging amino acids, including leucine. For more information on biotin and hair growth, visit

Biotin is naturally occurring in the intestine and is produced by bacteria found there. Some foods including salmon, vegetables and banana’s consist of biotin, however not in large enough quantities. Egg yolks, peanuts and liver are a good source of biotin but may not be enough in themselves. Egg whites however, can reduce the amount of B7 needed by the human body.

A deficiency of this vitamin can have serious implications for ones health including conjunctivitis, dermatitis, depression and an impaired immune system. Alopecia and reduced hair growth are also usual symptoms of this kind of deficiency. The loss of eyebrows and lashes is also quite common. Biotin is only one aspect of the benefits of this vitamin.

Supplements containing biotin for hair growth can be obtained from sources such as It may also be, that more than one product might be suitable for treating this condition depending on individual circumstances. Seek advise. On balance, finding a solution to this problem and treating the symptoms is more than possible using biotin for hair health.

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