Hair loss FAQs

What is the cause of hair loss?

The problem of hair loss affects the life of millions of people all over the world, particularly men suffer from it. No matter how old you are, one day you may find hair falling from your head. The reason can be different: health, metabolism, hormon issue or vitamin deficiency. It is important to find out the real reason of your hair fall, the best you can do to consult a doctor or a hair specialist.

Hair follicles go through a natural cycle and they need particular raw materials during each phase of growth so that they can perform their job well. If any of these materials are missing, the cycle is broken.

Male pattern baldness can be acceptable?

It is well known that 50% of men suffer from male pattern baldness around the age of 50. By the same age, around one third of women have the same problem.

Is there any medicine that can stop hair fall?

Finasteride (Propecia) is in pill structure and it has to be taken once a day. It is a strong medicine that should be prescribed by a doctor. Attention ladies! Finasteride may cause damages during life commencement so it is very dangerous during pregnancy.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is the most effective for people under 30 who have been experiencing hair fall for less than 5 years. It can be bought in any pharmacy without a solution. You have to rub it into the scalp twice a day. Many times minoxidil is proposed for ladies planning or ongoing pregnancy who cannot use Finasteride.

Is hair transplant successful?

Nowadays hair transplant surgery is the most effective method for solving male pattern baldness and due to its cost effectiveness more and more people chose this ever lasting solution not only celebrities. It is very important that the operation should be performed by professional and qualified surgeons. But good to know: some people may have an inherent inclination to some immunological reaction that cannot be foreseen and it may cause the failure of hair transplant.

Can we find any other male pattern baldness medications?

Oh yes, pharmaceutical industry is one of the most flowering branch and male pattern baldness industry makes a billion dollar a year and offers a wide range of products from hair lotions to splashes. Numerous companies make high volume of profit from selling unverified balding items and hair products. These days a great part of hair specialists claims that hair transpantation combined with medicine is the most successful solution against balding.

Will I feel any pain int he following days after the operation?

The hardest part will be the dead shots you take. You won’t feel any serious pain during or after the operation. Sometimes migraine may occur after the transplant but it goes away a couple of days later.

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