Herbs for hair growth

Herbs for hair loss cureHerbal treatment had recognition since ancient age. As of today herbal treatment is consider as safest, natural and a no side-effect treatment. Herbal treatment is inexpensive. Apart from proving its worth in many elements, herbal treatment is also considered as a successful measure to reduce hair fall. It’s inexpensive and natural compare to the highly expensive and chemical base product available in market.

Internet had made it easy to search for the best available herbal treatment in market. One of the most famous one is Provillus. It has its own fame since long time because of many natural ingredients it has in it.

Herbs has its own significance as many people believe that the natural working system of the body and the healing power of herbs go hand in hand. Herbal solution should not be consider as a miracle remedies to cure hair loss, but still time and again it is proven that herbal solutions give positive result to hair loss patients.

Few other popular natural hair fall remedies

A popular herb by the name of Ginkyo biloba is considered to increase the blood supply and circulation to brain & various nervous systems. Many of the herbal practitioner believe that an increase blood supply not only provide necessary nutrition to all the hair follicle, but also serve as a necessary medium for promoting healthier hair growth. Herbalist recommends a dose of two to three mg of the dry powder thrice in an entire day.

Green tea or herbal tea also know as Camellia sinesis contains some antioxidant which help certain enzyme to stop the growth of a particular type of baldness in men. Herbal tea should be taken two to three times a day or can also be consumed in a capsule formed as prescribed.

The most famous Chinese herb – He Shou Wu commonly names as Polygonum multiforum or Fo-Ti is used since ancient time in various tea preparation and even in certain capsules as this herb is traditionally believed to be of great benefit in reducing the hair fall.

The herb Pygeum is obtained by the bark of the tree. The benefit and effect of this particular herb is similar as the green tea. As these herb also prevents a particular type of male baldness & prostate. Patient should consume this herb in small capsule or pills weighing 60 to 500 mg per day.

The herb Stinging nettle also known as Urtica diocia named drug is used as a preventive medicine to avoid  hair fall due to its property of avoiding testosterone from being converted into DHT. This medicine can be consumed in the form of either a tablet or capsule with the maximum dosage of 50 to 100 mg daily. The efficiency of this medicine increases when pygeum is mixed with saw palmetto. Herb named Urtica diocia is used to manufacture this medicine.

The latest procedure available for male baldness is Saw palmetto also known as Seranoa repens. This treatment helps in slowing down of frequent hair fall and benefits in healthier hair growth. It’s the fundamental elements used in many hair loss procedures available commercially, but could also be extracted in its natural and purest form. The dosage suggested is nearly 160 mg capsule two times a day however, you should be clear in mind regarding the ingredients that are created from the extract of berry and not the dry berries itself.

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