Vitamins for hair growth

vitamins for hair growthCertain essential vitamins for hair can fulfil almost individual’s desire to have thick and flowing hair. However it is important to nourish the hair and take good care of the hair. 0.35 millimetre hair shaft can be grown per day. By eating healthy food to nourish the hair will keep the individual’s hair healthy. Hair that is healthy needs to have healthy roots.

Deficit of essential vitamins like B, B5 and B6 is the main reason for unhealthy and hair fall. For it to grow and stay healthy, individuals need to consume the essential foods. The essential vitamins for hair are discussed in the lines that follow.

An anti oxidant, Vitamin A produces a yellowish healthy sebum that acts as a moisturizer for the scalp. But it is important that the sebum is not produced in too large or too small a quantity. Too much sebum causes oiliness and too little is the cause of a dry scalp. Fish livers oils, cheese, milk, broccoli, carrot, peach and apricot can provide the required Vitamin A.

Quite importantly, one must note that vitamins like E, B complex and C are pretty essential in accomplishing this purpose. An excellent stimulant for healthy hair, Vitamin C can be sourced from foods like citrus fruit, kiwis, cranberry, strawberry, tomato and green vegetables. Blood circulation to the follicles can be increased by consuming Vitamin E. Food items that provide this vitamin are soybean, nuts, dried beans and vegetable oils.

An anti aging agent and prevents greying of the same, Biotin is important for healthy hair. Egg yolks, rice, milk and whole grains are excellent sources of this Vitamin. The membranes of the body cells contain Inositol, which is important for healthy follicles. Whole grains, milk and liver are some of the foods that contain this Vitamin. Both these vitamins are categorized under the umbrella term of B-complex vitamins.

Another chemical compound that stimulates blood circulation to the follicles is Niacin. Hair follicles that are healthy provide healthy hair. Meat, chicken, turkey, fish and wheat germ provide requisite amount of Niacin. Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5 stops their thinning and greying. Vitamin B5 is contained in foods, such as whole grain cereals, organ meat and egg yolks.

Apart from the dietary sources, supplements of vitamins like provillus can be good for providing vital vitamins for hair. These supplements for vitamins can make up for the deficiency of the vitamins in body. However, an experienced physician has to be consulted prior to starting intake of these supplements for vitamins.

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