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Best hair transplants 2016The best hair transplant procedure is a matter of debate among the medical world. There are essentially two different methods that dominate the world of hair transplantation today. They are the follicular unit transplant technique (FUT), and the follicular unit extraction technique (FUE). Each doctor will likely give you a different opinion, and will have different reasons for choosing one of these methods over the other. Here we will discuss the differences so that you can decide for yourself which one might be the best for you.

FUT is an older method of transplantation in which a strip of good hair is harvested from the back of the head, and the dissected into the individual follicular units. Those units can then be transplanted onto the balding areas. The donor area is then stitched closed and takes a few weeks to heal up. There will be a permanent scar, but it can be covered up by the hair around it.

FUE is a newer procedure that harvests the follicles one by one, directly from the head. This is achieved by using a small punch tool that removes the follicle from the head. Once an adequate amount of grafts are removed, they are then inserted into tiny slits in the balding area. There is no large scar left by this procedure, but there may be very small scars where the punch tool extracted the follicles from.

As far as which of these methods is the best hair transplant procedure goes, it really depends on your needs. If you do not want a large scar on the back of your head then FUE might be the right choice for you. This method is also preferable for people with very tight skin on their scalp, because the strip procedure will make the scalp even tighter when some skin is removed.

The FUT procedure is usually preferable for people who require a lot of work. This is because it is generally more efficient, and more hairs survive the transplant. It also takes less time to do an FUT so it is usually less expensive than FUE. The reason that FUE is less efficient is because sometimes the punch tool can inadvertently damage the follicle and that can weaken the chances that the follicle will survive.

If you really want to know about the best hair transplant procedure for you, I would definitely recommend calling or emailing a doctor who specializes in the practice. A quick consultation will allow them to assess your hair and determine exactly which method is perfect for you situation. Make sure that you do your research and find a doctor that is highly recommended by previous patients.

Whether you choose FUE or FUT, you are definitely choosing the best method to battle baldness. Transplantation is the only way to permanently fix the problem of balding, but it is a huge investment. Doing your research and making some phone calls will help you to put your mind at ease, and know that you have chosen the best hair transplant method.

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