Hair transplant recovery time

How long does it take to recover from a hair transplant?

Hereunder we are going through the developmental stages (timeline) of hair transplant healing time to help you decide wether to undertake the procedure or not. Having a successful hair transplantation operation, majority of the patients start experiencing the results: healing time takes a month or two. Full results will be shown in a year or so.

First let’s see the entire process step by step:

  1. Personal evaluation: our specialist will examine your scalp and hair thoroughly to see what you exactly need.
  2. After the examination we send you your personalised treatment plan including all the information about your treatment and all costs.
  3. If our offer meets your expectations and you accept it, we make an appointment for you at our clinic. We can also book your accommodation if required.
  4. After arriving at the airport our chauffeur will pick you up and drive you to your accommodation. On the next day your treatment starts at our hair clinic.
  5. You gain back your hair in one day due to the high quality treatment.
  6. After the treatment you will have check-up examinations to control your results.

After the operation there are 5 stages to mention:

First 7 days after surgery: The target area on your head may become reddish and remain so during several days. You may observe a sort of swelling over your forehead and around the eyes but do not worry, both symptoms are totally normal.

14-21 days after surgery: We have good news for you! These days you start to notice little new hairs on your head.

6-8 weeks after surgery: New baby hair will appear on your head but you must take great care of them as they are quite weak and thin at the beginning. If you take proper care of them with the right cosmetics, they will be stronger and stronger each day.

5-6 months after surgery: at this time most patients can see tangible result of the operation and become fairly satisfied with the outcomes. So far you might have been uncertain and not so much optimistic but it is time to feel confident and happy: you made a fantastic decision in order to forget baldness for a lifetime.

1 year after surgery: this is the time when final results mostly show up but do not worry if your results appear in 15-18 months, that is also normal. In case you do not see any improvement, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon and discuss the problem with him. Never forget: successful hair transplant process requires proper after treatment with the right cosmetics and prescribed look after.

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