Darker side of hair transplant?

Possible complications of hair transplant surgery

Around the middle of 1990s physicians invented a new method to solve the big problem of a great many people all over the world, baldness. The new technique was named hair transplantation. Like all other inventions hair transplant operation was held quite a scary and misterious thing and rumors of different horror stories were swinging around but they were not confirmed.

Experiencing hair fall and even bald spots on the top of your head might be very shocking at any age especially for young generations. When is happens to you it is totally sure you will be soon dying for an ever lasting and reliable solution. Hair loss issue affects nearly 50% of men around the world and about 30% of women and people spend a fortune on different hair fall prevention products and treatments.

What hair transplant means specifically? During the operation individual hair follicles are planted back separately to the scalp. Comparing it to real life it is just like planting seeds in you backyard and due to soil incompatibility some of the seeds get damaged so you need to replace them. Meanwhile medical science emphasizes the positive sides of the innovation, in practice some disadvantages also show up.

  1. Cost of the treatment: it is probably the most important issue for great many people as hair transplantation does not cost only two pennies. Nowadays only private clinics offer this operation and you have to pay the price of first class treatment and professional job. Middle class patients with avarage income probably chose alternative methods and products and hope for change for the better.
  2. On the other hand we are all reluctant to any kind of surgery and it is never easy to decide to go under the knife. No doubt it is a serious surgery and it may have some risk factors like all other operations. But a detailed consultation with the surgeon before the session may help a lot. You will be informed what happens before, during and after the hair transplant and you will know exactly what to expect. It is also very useful to talk to former patients who already had the same operation.
  3. We have to mention that the surgery could be dangerous for the asthma patients as it involves anesthesia especially if you are above 45 with adverse asthma. In this case you must consult your doctor and surgeon before taking the risk.
  4. Hair transplantation is not recommended for heart patients who underwent an operation earlier. Diseases like hypertension and high blood pressure prohibit the surgery.
  5. After the operation you may need to change your regular hair cosmetics and you may not use your old ordinary products. You will need to buy numerous post surgical treatments and expensive drugs like special hair washers, shampoos and after bath serum.
  6. A very scary thing after surgery is the change of sleeping mode: your head must not touch the pillow during sleeping over a week. If you break this rule, your entire investment can be lost in a couple of hours.

All the above mentioned disadvantages of hair transplant occur only in extreme situations. Despite all this a great many people undergo successful hair transplantation surgeries and live happily ever after without any bald spots. In our days this is the only ever lasting solution for hair fall.

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