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Hair growth tips for balding men can be hard to come by. Most people will tell you to just accept your fate and let the strands fall to the ground. The truth is, up until recently, that was your only choice. Now there is some considerable research that reveals that your diet and exercise habits can play a significant role in the balding process. Here we will talk about what you eat, your fitness, and how it can affect your hairline.

Male pattern baldness is caused by excess testosterone in the body, more specifically dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This androgen attaches itself to the hair follicles and causes them to shrink until the hair is no longer visible. Every male produces DHT, but only some have hair follicles that are susceptible to miniaturization. If you have this type of follicle, you are bound to go bald sooner or later.

The following hair growth tips are based on reducing this androgen in order to slow the miniaturization process, or stop it in its tracks. Currently there is no way to stop or reverse balding permanently, but there are many theories on how to slow it down significantly. We will focus on a few natural methods that can help you to keep your hair longer, and maybe wait it out until a better solution is available for treating thinning hair.

It is believed that your fitness can play a crucial role in the rate of your hair loss. Research has shown that aerobic exercise can reduce DHT for a period of at least 24 hours after the workout. This means that if you practice some cardiovascular fitness on a regular basis, you may be less likely to lose your hair. A daily jog might be just what your hair is craving.

There has also been some speculation that what you eat plays a large role in the balding process. Many scientists have noted that the men of hunter gatherer societies almost always have full heads of hair. This may be due to the fact that they do not consume processed foods that are full of hormones and other unnatural bi-products. It may be much to your benefit to consume all natural foods like wild meat and fresh vegetables.

It should come as no surprise that eating right and exercising may help to slow the balding process. These are not just hair growth tips, they are tips to help you look younger in general. If you take the necessary steps to slow the balding process, you will be healthier. That means less wrinkles, less fat, and most likely, more hair.

If these tips are not enough to keep your hairline from receding, it is no reason to be depressed. Many new treatments are available, including revolutionary hair transplant procedures that can restore your hairline once it is gone. The great thing about modern medicine is that they are constantly coming up with better ways to combat baldness. My advice would be to follow these hair growth tips by eating well and exercising, and if that doesn’t work out then you can look into some other methods for restoring your youthful locks.

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