Top hair transplant destinations

If you want a good hair transplant, it is critical that you choose the best clinic available. That may not be in your country, but you will definitely find a suitable one in Europe.

What is great in many European countries that they are much cheaper than the United States or Western European countries in the terms of procedures, while still offering professional world class hair transplant clinics with highly experienced doctors.


The health care system of Greece is one of the best in the world – WHO ranked them on the 14th place. They have a very wide range of services to offer, a broad range of procedures are available for patients who visit the country. Of course these include hair transplant too, and the procedure is very cheap compared to American prices. If you come from the United States and decide to have a hair transplant in Greece you can save three quarters of the original price.


Sweden also has a great reputation: their health-care system is one of the best on the continent, and there are more and more clinics offering professional services. Still, there are not many tourists visiting the country with the goals of having a procedure, mainly because it is pretty far away from the US or Western Europe. But the domestic market is growing fast and is offering more and more services every year.


The country is extremely popular among tourists mainly because of its beautiful landscapes. Local clinics employ greatly experienced doctors and work for much lower prices than American clinics. More than 30 thousand people visit the country each year to have procedures done and to relax in the beautiful spas after.


In many ways the center of the continent, and also a great place to visit if you want to get hair transplant surgery done. Many of their clinics sit on the top of the list in Europe, working with world-famous doctors. Also they mostly offer not only professionally done procedures and great care but also accommodation for their patients. If you want to be sure that you will be not only treated greatly but you also want to relax in luxury, you should definitely check out the options Brussels have to offer.


One of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Budapest offers not only world class hair transplant clinics, but also a great experience. The procedure itself is more then 60 percent cheaper on average than in the US or the UK, and you can rest and enjoy the beautiful city after you are done. What more can you ask for?

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